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Our project is divided into 3 phases:

PHASE I (2018-19):

During our 3 missions of 2018-2019 the following main steps were achieved:


  1. Creation of the cooperative structure under the name of “Heelium Producers Cooperative” (HPC). Corporate regulations agreed and adopted by the founding members to protect the Mission of the Cooperative and the Brand Promise. A Commercial Agreement and Loan Agreement between the founding members, the COOP and the Foundation have been agreed and notarized to ensure the running of the Coop in line with the objectives. Creation  and design of the “Peanut Doodle” and “Heelium” brand environments and registration of our intellectual properties.


HPC markets food products processed by women who need to improve their economic situation to support their children.


United for women

2. Test our peanut products recipes,  create our labels, study our production              costs and determine our pricing policy.

3. Construction and fitting out of a small production space.

4. Purchase of basic equipment and organization of production work.


5. Obtaining shelve space at local grocery stores.

6. First meetings with an association of  farmers in the area.

    Visit and discussions with an organic farming school to produce peanuts.



2020 :

The current situation in the South Cotabato region is economically disastrous. Numerous large earthquakes in the southern region in late 2019 and early 2020 followed by the Covid pandemic have made the region inaccessible for the moment.

2021 :

Early 2021, the region wants to relaunch economic activities. HPC was invited by the Regional Government of South Cotabato to participate in a food trade fair to meet potential retailers and boost trade in the region. HPC  has received a few orders during this retail fair, which allows the Coop to restart its production in February 2021  (see also photos on the blog).

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#3- Heelium Brand registration
#4-Peanut Doodle Brand registration
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 Picture #1
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PHASE II (after COVID) - 2 objectives:


  1. Partner with a local structured group of farmers or other socio-economic group to  support the management of the project and collaborate with the implementation of the phases II & III of the project.

  2. Take the necessary steps to ensure that products are FDA (Food and Drug Approved) certified. This step is necessary for the selling of products on a larger scale.

PHASE III - Objectives:

  1. The objective is to market different  peanut base products (ex: peanut cookies, peanut oil) on a larger commercial scale to provide work for more women in need. The South Cotabato region, which is a poor region, is particularly sought after by employment agencies looking for low-paid domestic workers who would accept jobs in countries where human rights are often violated.

  2. Partner with farms (who would join the Coop) that can cultivate organically so that our products could be certified organic for export.

  3. Process and market finished products from farming crops other than peanuts (ex: mango jam) .


The implementation of the project began in January 2018.


Like any start-up, the first half of 2018 gave Gina hope, but also challenges and a lot of stress. The goal is to create work for several single-parent women like her.


It was decided to set up a community structure of the COOPERATIVE type in order to give more value to the project's mission and to strengthen the brand's sympathy with consumers and customers.


Heelium Producers Cooperative will produce sweet and savory peanut butter, as well as peanuts coated with chocolate.

The products are marketed under the brand name "Peanut Doodle". The graphics universe of the brand was the result of cooperation between the initiators of the project and Maia Wallis, a graphic designer based in Montreal.

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